Issue with billing system from provider

Hello, anyone can help me to interpret the flow bellow from PCAP file. I have a trouble with my provider in some calls that my PBX Asterisk server didn’t register the same call duration from my provider.

My IP started with: 54.233
IP provider started with: 108.59

The doubt is:
For me the call didn’t have 120 seconds of duration, because my Asterisk didn’t registered it, registered the call but with a very short time. Should I agree with the provider and pay for this type of call?

It is difficult to distinguish between 108.59.XX.XX and 108.59.YY.YY as the XX.XX and YY.YY are redacted.

However, the billable call is at least 119+ seconds.

There is absolutely no information that would explain why you believe Asterisk is reporting a much shorter duration.

Thanks for the replt david551,

this is the whole:

About Asterisk I just have the CDR logs… I didn’t have the PCAP files :\

I agree with David, based on the available information it seems to show a call lasting 119+ seconds.

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