Problem with zap


I use Asterisk Free PBX and I have a problem. Both SIP and ZAP users are allowed to use Voip service. While everything is fine with SIP users, there is a problem with ZAP users (those who call the Voip server from regular phones). Namely, in the CDR table, duration and billing seconds are always and the status is always ‘ANSWERED’. Therefore, it is impossible to determine the actual length of call and whether the call went through or not. I don’t know if my problem is clear or not. I hope someone can help me sort this out. What can i do to make sure that billing seconds are counted only after the call is answered? Once again, all of this works fine for SIP users. The problem is only with ZAP.



i am facing the same problem

any insight would be appreciated

Is your problem that it is not doing the CDR from when the card grabs the call off the pots line or from when a user on your end actually picks up the call ? If it is the later as soon as asterisk grabs the pots line it asumes that the call is answerd this is because it told the telco that it took the call. however with sip AFAIK you can hold off on sending the answer “signal” to the telco untill you pick up.