ISO Complete with GUI

For the love of God. Please. I need an ISO without esoteric network configuration and command line. I like GUIS. In search of an ISO that has a GUI for Linux, and a full install of Asterisk. Please help. Thanks all.

If you want to avoid getting hands dirty in the under-workings of Linux, Switchvox might be your speed more than Asterisk.

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As someone who prefers cli and conf file, hate to tell you, but ok…

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I already tried that sir. It is not complete with a GUI. I mean an ISO with a complete Linux GUI, and Asterisk FUI all ready to work. I can do CLI, but I am older now, and just prefer a complete solution ready to configure with a GUI. I REALLY appreciate your help sir!

Generally you do not want a GUI on a machine that is running a real time PABX, as X Windows can be resource hungry.

If after configuration there are no X-Windows sessions running, would that matter?

I would like the full GUI, mainly to learn. I am running Mizu-Voip server under Windows, and am unhappy with it. You can check out what I have going so far at:

Please, if you could guide me a little I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

You would need to install the OS (CentOS for FreePBX) and then install FreePBX on top of that. looks like it says how to do the second part, but it may well assume quite a bit of familiarity with command line use of Linux.

Appreciate the reply. I can use CLI. Must it be CentOS? I like Ubuntu. Funny enough, asterisk is nowhere to be found on the Ubuntu software application. Anyway, I’ll give that a shot. Thanks!

The FreePBX ISOs are based on CentOS. You can use other distributions, but you may find that support is more difficult to obtain, or you have to do a more first principles installation.