Is this the right software to perform this simple task?

Basically myself and a few friends play online games together, and we want a VOIP server type thing hosted on my internet connection. There are a few of us in my house so it makes sense to have the server here so that we can all connect to it over LAN instead of over the net. Then other people connect with their VOIP clients over the internet, I guess like hosting some sort of conference call.

The idea of having a server instead of our current peered system is why we wanna do this; in order to save bandwidth. Also the other software we use has started to become unrealiable.

Have I found the correct software to do this?

Asterisk should do what you want it to do.

Thanks for the info. :smile:

Now to figure out how to configure this behemoth of a program.

Most of what you need you should find at

and, in particular, probably, at … nfig+files