Can Asterisk do this?

I’m looking into setting up a VoIP communication system within the company i work.

We have several offices which are connected thgrough static VPN’s and occational users that connect to us remotely via VPN’s.

would an Asterisk server enable free VoIP style communiction throughout the network including the VPN connected locations?
and would this work with both software phones and VoIP phones?

i have read the through the Asterisk TFOT document and it seems to imply this is possible but i just need to check.

also how many servers would be required to facilite something like this i’m thinking perhaps one at each office but this may be a bit OTT.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
my apoliges if this is a bit of a daft qeustion and the answer is
"of course it’s possible"
i’m new to Asterisk and as interesting and powerfull as it seems to be it’s also quite daunting and confusing

Tom Rees

Asterisk can do this for sure and you may use one server per location too.


Thanks very much for answering :astonished: :astonished: