Is this scenario possible?

hi there,
im planning to realise a solution in the following constellation:
internal subnet with different computers - linux box connected to the subnet, managing the routing function ( !astersisk server running ! ) etc. which is connected to the dsl modem at the external interface. now i have the problem that have i to connect an analog telephone to the router (linux box) in order to get an working voip connection. does anyone know how to manage that, do i need a pci modem card or someting and if yes, is this possible in general?
i have searched the forums about this constellation but found nothing so far.
thanks in advance,

ATA (SIP analogue phone adaptor, as a separte network component), or analogue line card with an FXS module. Voice modems will normally only work with exchange lines, as they cannot generate ringing current.

It is almost certainly cheaper to replace the analogue phone with a SIP phone.

thanks for your reply, so im going to get an sip phone, should be easier too :smiley: