Configuring a Router as a Sip Device

I would like to know can i configure a router as a sip gateway, because ideally i would like to use my normal telephone (Not a SIP phone) as an end point. Phone has a connection with the router and router acts as sip peer for asterisk.
Is it possible to have such a configuration ?

Thank you and all your comments are welcomed.

Routers generally don’t have the hardware to enable them to interface to analogue phone lines.

Hi @david551
So basically that means we cannot use analog telephones with asterisk. Did i understand that right ?

Wrong! Asterisk was initially developed to handle such lines and you can buy PCI and PCie cards, including from DIgium.

The problem you have is that your router is unlikely to accept PCI or PCIe cards.

Hello @david551,
I do have a router which has a slot for analog telephone lines, just checked it again. How can i know if my router needs a PCI or PCie card ?

It you can’t recognize a PCI slot, you are unlikely to be able to specify the analogue line interface in enough technical detail to determine if it will work with a legacy version of Asterisk. (There probably hasn’t been any work on driver for non-PCI hardware for at least five years.)

See and for information on PCI and PCIe.

Hello @david551,
I think my router has the capability to interface the analog phone line, so now the question is could i use it as a gateway to connect my analog phone ?

If you wrote a suitable device driver for the analogue line hardware and the a suitable Asterisk user space driver, and always assuming that router is capable of running Linux and has enough resources, you could do so.

You will not get support on writing those drivers here, and I doubt you will get much support on the developer mailing list or IRC channel, either.

It is possible that legacy versions of Asterisk may support the hardware, but you don’t know enough about the hardware to even start checking that.

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@navaismo, I can understand how you feel that way, we’ve both been in this space for a long, long time, but I think this is just some honest questioning from someone who is very new to traditional telephony interfaces.


@malcolmd I Hope so, anyway I think that his router has a built-in ATA, If this statement is what I’m thinking[quote=“Free_Telephony, post:5, topic:70791”]
I do have a router which has a slot for analog telephone lines

Most of the telcos now offer VoIP services and their routers comes with 2 ports for connect analog phones and use their VoIP account.

Now @Free_Telephony I’m not sure if you can edit the peer settings.Why don’t you share with us the model of your router?

Sorry if it sounded like a troll. Maybe i could not put forth my thoughts in the right way.

Yes the router has a builtin ATA as far i know.
@malcolmd - i am using a speed port w724v router which can be used for voip service to the best of my knowledge.

@navaismo - yes guys i have just started with telephony and i am a complete amateur. I hope you guys can help me to have a better understanding.

If you have access to the router sip settings should be trivial. Just register the peer and that’s all.