Is this possible? [Scenario1]


I have two different scenarios which I’m wondering if is possible?
Both of the scenarios are generally about collecting information/voicemails on an Asterisk server through a VoIP-SIP setup and be able to process the data in PHP. I guess this is in general possible?

First Scenario
(dial the number)
“You have now the following options:”
“Press 1 to state your opinion about politics”
“Press 2 to tell a story”

(Pressing 1)
“Press 1 if the subject is national”
“Press 2 if the subject is local”

(Presssing 1)
“You can now state your opinion after the beep. When you are finished press * followed by #”

(Talking and the pressing * and #)
“Your statement will be reviewed as soon as possible, Thank you and good bye!” - Hang up.

After this I should be able to retrieve the keypresses and the voicemail which the caller has given through the use of PHP.
Is this possible, - if so how hard would this be to obtain?

Best Regards
Stig N. Færch