Is this a Q and A or just a Q-only forum?

I’m just wondering if I should spend time posting questions here or stop wasting my time!

Hi Majamer,

See Majamar this is not proprietary company fourm which compulsory give your Q's answer.

We all are user of asterisk and we learn from our experience. We give our best to solve question of all friends which are new or post the question to this forum.

We don’t get a single cense to solve your Q’s answer and U are really feel that this is a wasting of time then we also wast our long time in solving an problem of all our friends (including you).

  :frowning:    :frowning:      :frowning:      :frowning:      :frowning:

This is not good way of thinking. If you don’t get answer from anybody then also come to this fourm everyday and try to solve our other friends problem. By doing this you can learn deeply and also get satisfaction in life.