Is there any configuration needed for the VPM450M module?

Hi all,

I’m glad to have bought a Digium TE212P card…

i’m using it on an asterisk server (1 Xeon 3.2 + 1 GB RAM + 36 GB SCSI) attending to 30 workstations dialing simultaneously through 1 E1 link.

After installing, i sucessfully configured it with Asterisk 1.2.13, but as i was getting some echo in a few calls, i’d like to know if there is any configuration needed for the VPM450M module ???

Other question… what is the connector present on rigth side of the VPM450M module for ???

If you could help us, it would be very apreciated,


Check “dmesg” to see if the firmware was loaded when you loaded the driver.

Yes it is !!!

VPM450: Present and operational servicing 2 span(s)

Is there any additional configuration needed ??? what is the right border connector used for ???

The connecter isn’t used for anything at this time. I would suggest calling or emailing Digium’s support.