Is there an Asterisk CBT?

Hi Everyone,

Is there an Asterisk CBT that exists and if not when can we expect to see one. I mean a top to bottom tutorial that gives you a lot of information on Analog and Digital cards, SIP trunks, encoding, etc.

did you read the sticky at the top of the forum ?

I searched the forum and did my research via google before making this post. To ensure that there is no confusion, are there any CBTs that have been developed for asterisk, such as a series of instructional videos (not just one explaining the basics). Something like a video set for dCAP or anything along those lines.

How’s this:

Hope it helps…

I have seen these videos, however they are grainy and pixelated even when no matter what version I use. Guys, I guess what I am trying to get at is something similar to CBT nuggets, Trainsignal, CBT Planet type of tutorial. However I am thankful for help and I will continue my search. Thanks.

perhaps you could contact one of the organisations that run Asterisk Bootcamps … it might be something they are thinking about doing, or have already done.

what about asteriskguru ?
or voip wiki