Astrix training course

Hello everyone I was wondering if anybody could point me in the right direction to learn Asterix from the beginning

I am not a complete Newby and know certain commandline prompts and can follow some instructions however terminal is not my favourite use of Astrix

I have been using free PBX and the gui from day one so there for I guess you could call me a newbie

Due to my dyslexia I tend to find instructional videos A lot easier to learn from any time I have a query I need to resolve the first place I normally go to YouTube but it doesn’t always provide the right answer it takes some time to now nine because I’m not cold using the right terminology To find the right answer to solve the problem I have at the minute in time

If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated

Pretty new to Asterisk myself, but i have found these YouTube tutorials pretty good for the basics.

Also, I spend alot of time reading here, though there are no video tutorials here:

hope this helps

Another place to fine some Asterisk related videos is the Asterisk youtube channel. If has a large amount of talks from past Astricons. Specifically if you look under the videos tab check for the ones labeled “Asterisk from Scratch”. There are several parts, but here is a link to part 1 to get you started.

Also if you are interested in a more formalized training approach (including a self paced online course) you can find more information about those courses here.

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