Is there a way in ARI to change the whisper mode of an established snoop channel?

Question on the use of snoop channels. I have a mixing bridge with two participants (the ever useful Alice and Bob). I want to have Carol listen in on the conversation, and possibly coach/whisper to Alice, so here’s what I’m doing right now:
-Create a snoop channel on Alice’s channel with spy:both and whisper: out
-Create a channel to dial to Carol’s endpoint
-Add Carol’s channel and the snoop channel into a new bridge.

At this point, Alice can now hear Carol, and Carol can hear both Alice and Bob, but Bob doesn’t know Carol is listening. What I’d like to do is change the state of the snoop channel on the fly between whisper:out and whisper:none to go between a “monitoring” and “coaching” scenario. It doesn’t seem to be possible to change the snoop mode on the fly however, so I’ve accomplished this by sending a mute/unmute with direction: out to the snoop channel. Note that there also doesn’t appear to be a way to start the channel muted, so I just have to handle that as soon as it goes to the Up state if I want to have the call start in the monitoring state, and then go to coaching afterwards.

Really just asking if there’s a better/more standard way to accomplish this that I’ve missed.

No, Snoop channels can not be changed.

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