Is the little red blinking light possible with asterisk?

Hi, I’ve just started upgrading the phone system at work to Asterisk. We currently have four telephone lines running into the building and the current phones have a small button with a light for each line, if the reception phone is busy and a call comes in on another line that small light will flash to say there is another call waiting to be answered.

Is this possible with asterisk? or is there an effective work around? I would have found the answer myself but i don’t know what this function is called.

I currently have a few nortel ip phones connected and working, have the four lines connected to the server and you can dial in and out, i’m just waiting on this before i do a full change over.



Yes Asterisk can do this but, This ia a feature of the handset realy and you need to make sure that the phone support it.


ok, i’m using nortel i2004 phones, i can’t find anywhere that says they support it. Any ideas on what might be the next best thing?