Is Linksys SPA3000 a suitable device in my case?

Hi Asterisk guys,
I have computer machine with 4 NICs, Atom D525 1.8 GHz and 2 GB RAM. I already installed Asterisk (Centos) on my machine and implemented 14 internal SIP extensions successfully. Now I want to link these extensions to outside by PSTN Fixed Line but my machine doesn’t have PCI-e or mPCI extension for FXO card.

Thus, I am planning to buy Linksys SPA3000 which has:
Three Ports: 1 FXS+1 FXO+1Ethernet

My question: Am I able to use the Ethernet port to link my Asterisk machine to Linksys SPA3000 and make all my internal phones able to dial/receive outside call?
Your help would highly be appreciated.

Linksys SPA3000 can be found here:

You can achieve your goal using an SPA3000, but i my suggestion is if you want a better calls quality , you must use a more powerful device like : GRANDSTREAM GXW4104 4 PORT FXO GATEWAY. I have used both and my advise is based on my experiences.