Asterisk 13 -> Linksys SPA 3000 -> PSTN

Hello, my question is about how to connect Asterisk to PSTN with Linksys SPA 3000?

Is it possible?

My pbx is Raspberry PI3 B+ and it is connected to my local area network.

I bought Linksys SPA 3000 and I wait it now.

At home I have one phone line with phone number.

Can I setup My PBX to connect to world over this phone line with this number?
I want to can use sip numbers from PBX to call to world over phone line and recieve calls from phone line?

But physical topology and configurations?

First is it possible to do this with my equipment?

What is conception of connection between these 3 devices?

Linksys SPA 3000 makes connection between phone line and PBX?

Linksys SPA 3000 connects to phone line.

PBX connects to SPA 3000 over SIP trunk?

I am right?

And finally we play with dial plans?

The specification suggests it should work.

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Thank you, I will need help to figure out how to connect everything when I receive SPA 3000.