Is it possible why asterisk to do this?


I would like to know if Asterisk can be able to redirect a call from a mobile phone to an other mobile phone?
And if it’s possible what kind of devices i need ?

Thank you for yours answers


Please replace “this” by what “this” is.

Mobile phones cannot connect to each other directly, they can only connect via some land based infrastructure.

You can connect to that infrastructure by any of the means that one normally connects to it, including PSTN lines, VoIP connections or the mobile network air interface, all of which are supported by Asterisk sometime in multiple ways.

However, Asterisk can only ask them to redirect a call if they support redirection. In practical terms, that means they have to be SIP based VoIP services. Even then, the network operator may not support redirection or may turn it into simply forwarding the call speech through their system.

On analogue PSTN connections, it is possible to generate a recall and transfer like that, but again it is likely to turn into a speech forwarding exercise quite near the source of the transfer request.

You can, of course, route the speech through Asterisk, which the most basic way of using Asterisk so should be obvious.

As far as I know, Asterisk’s support for air interface devices doesn’t support three way calling features so can’t make a forwarding request directly to the mobile network.