Is it possible to use Asterisk as gateway for NortelCS?


We are working on migrate our current CTI (JTAPI based) system to Nortel CS 1000. But Nortel CS don’t support any high-level API like JTAPI (or maybe I can’t find it ? ;] ).
I was thinking that maybe is possible use Asterisk as gateway for Nortel CS:
Our application(asterisk-jtapi) <-> Asterisk <-> NortelCS

All we are need is possibility to creating calls ( making transfers / conferences ) and manage current states of agent ( ready for call / not ready etc. ).
Voice transfer will be in responsibility of NortelCS (phones will be connected directly to NortelCS).

I’m totally new in Asterisk (and in whole telephony market) and I don’t know what exactly Asterisk is ;] so I don’t know is it possible ? :smile: