Is it possible to pass an ext. through the called number?

Hello everybody,

Is it possible to extract an extension directly from the called number?
So that, if for example the number to my server is 123456 and someone calls 123456-1 that person get’s directed to extension 1 in the dialplan??

Thanks in advance for all answers!!

Greetings Eggat

What do you mean by called number ? If call come from PSTN you should have DID range from telecom . If Telecom pass DID to your server it is very easy to work with it . for example if someone calles 1234561 and you want extension 1 to ring you can write

exten => _123456X,1,Dial(SIP/${EXTEN:6})

This was a support question, not a general comment.

For PSTN, the details depend on the country. In Germany, I believe that DID digits are in addition to the normal number, but, in most countries, a block of normal numbers is used, so that the number length remains the same. This can sometimes cause problems when calling Germany from abroad.

Excess dgits on non-DID lines need to be handled by something like Read or DISA, and there will need to be a pause, to ensure the call is answered.

Note, in this thread, “DID” is used in its traditional sense. “DID” as used in the Asterisk work is only really DID on the incoming side of the service provider, and may well be pooled with other customers.