Call from DID to Extension

Hello Dear, I was wondering how to configure my asterisk to prompt caller to chose desired extension and get the call to switch to an extension registered to asterisk
scenario: DID# = 123.456.7890
extension1= 101, sip client, registered Cisco ATA
extension2= 102, sip client, registered with Cisco ATA
I want caller x to dial the DID# and be able to chose the extension from IVR prompt and get to talk to that person.
Any input will be appreciated

DIDs are extensions. What you call an extension is actually a device. You can use DISA or WaitExten within the dialplan for an extension to get a new extension from the caller and Dial to convert the extension into a reference to a device.

Note that your question should have been asked on Asterisk Support.

Thank you David, I appreciate your answer.