Is it possible to change the Caller ID from Asterisk?

I am completely new to softphones and Asterisks. Just tell me, for outbound calls is it possible to change the caller id from Asterisk ?

What I want to do is sign up at a SIP provider like FlowRoute and then sync that account to Asterisk and make an outbound call with a caller-id that is provided by me in Asterisk and not FlowRoute.

Is what I describe above possible ?


If the underlying provider you are using permits you to do it, yes.

Could you please tell me if FlowRoute allows that ? If I want to know whether it is supported what should I ask the provider ? Sorry for the noob questions but I am completely new to this.

I would say you talk to Flowroute. You should simply ask “Do you allow me to send a different callerid on outbound calls through your trunk?”

–Satish Barot

Responsible providers will have a process whereby you give them a list of all the caller IDs you might generate and they call each of those numbers and verify that someone acting for you answers on them.

Providers that just pass any caller ID, especially if they don’t tag it as unscreened, are a godsend to telephone spammers.