Is it possible again :)

Hey all,
i had earlier asked about the feasibility of my Final Year Project in Asterisk. Idea was like this,


I wanted to know about the feasibility for my final year project.Your answer could be as simple as ‘YES POSSIBLE’ or ‘NOT POSSIBLE’ . here is my final year project idea,

Install asterisk on linux box.Connect asterisk to my university exchange.Connect wifi router to the linux box. Develop iPhone application which will connect to asterisk via wifi router and using that application i am able to call local university extensions.

So is it possible???[/quote]

And Answer i got was Yes.
Now since i will get only one line from university exchange, so doez that mean only one iphone app holder will be able to call to university extension at one time or multiple iphone app holders will be able to make the call simultaneuosly??..

Depends. Normally 1 channel mean 1 simultaneous call.
But depends from your provider (university in this case). Asterisk has call-limit and if it is set to 1 - then 1 call through channel. But what is exchange in your university and what it could do…