Is is possible to dial an external number from a second level followme?

When incoming calls go to extension 1 they go to extension 1 followme and ring extension 2. Extension 2 also has a followme that dials an external number. The problem is that the external number is ignored. If I dial extension 2 directly the external number in extension 2 followme works. It is only when going from one followme to another followme that it does not work.

I tried doing it several different ways. Entering the external number directly with # appended. Creating a custom extension that dials the number. Creating a Misc Destination and Misc App that dials the number. Setting the followme to go to a ring group that dials the second extension and the external number. None of those things work,

This appears to be some limitation in Asterisk when you have one dialplan feature accessing another dialplan feature.

You should ask this in the FreePBX Community forums at

I am asking it here because it appears to be an Asterisk limitation.

Followme’s don’t exist in Asterisk. They are a construct implemented by the FreePBX dialplan, on top of Asterisk. There is no reason why an alternative dialplan shouldn’t do what you want.

It does the same thing with ring groups. Is that a freepbx construct as well? I don’t think so.

So once again, this points back to an Asterisk limitation.

Ring groups are a FreePBX construct. I think they correspond to different Asterisk configurations, a queue or a a simple (or it would be it wasn’t FreePBX) consecutive sequence of Dial applications calls.

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