Is fax receiving possible on fxo card?

Hi there,

I have never used asterisk for fax, but now i got requirement to configure fax with asterisk. I have fxo card TDM2400 and it is working perfectly fine with my landline numbers.

For fax do i need any other hardware or module? or I can directly configure my fxo port to receiving fax?

Sohaib Khan

Depends on what you want to do.

If you want to receive a fax on the FXO port and relay it to a physical fax device, you need some sort of a FXS interface (a card or ATA device) for connecting the fax machine to Asterisk.
If you want to receive fax inside Asterisk (i.e. do Fax-to-Mail), you need Free Fax for Asterisk. You should be able to find a bunch of literature on this.

Hi dejanst,

yes i want to receive fax on email. so i dont need any other hardware with fxo, right? just need software to connect with asterisk.

sohaib Khan

Yes. Like I said, check out Free Fax for Asterisk.