[HELP] Can i fax from FXS Channel?

Hi all

I hav a TDM400P card which contain 1 fxo and three fxs.
I am trying to fax from my fax machine to my PC (i.e locally) trying to get the fax image inside my PC so i can use it as a fax and scanner in the same time.
when i use the PSTN it work , i recived my fax inside the pc but i want it from my local interface, it told me that every thing is OK and asterisk recive the fax giving the process on the CLI but there is NOTHING Really (No Image !!!)?.
Can any one told me the reason?. didn’t work from fxs or what (Since it work from the FXO (Or the PSTN)).

Sorry , I forget to say that i’m using asterisk with rx,tx fax patch.