Asterisk Hardware

So I am trying to make the transition to Asterisk/Freepbx. However, I want to ensure my knowledge at least at a higher level is correct in terms of hardware/extra things is correct. I have a FXO card coming in so we can hook up analogue items such as faxes and so forth. However, beyond that would all we need is a FBX gateway with a DID number in order to make external calls/ receive incoming calls? This is of coarse ignore that this needs to be set up within asterisk itself. Let me know if I am missing something or if I don’t actually need something.

Also… this is for a small business set-up so any other pieces of advice would appreciated like should we get more then one DID number or should we get one DID number with x amount of channels? or really anything relevant piece of information you can add.


Transition to Asterisk/Freepbx from what?

Analog Fax machines go in FXS ports not FXO. FXO is to connected to the PSTN analog line coming in your Asterisk box.Use an FXS gateway of card to connect your fax machine.

What do you mean by FBX gateway?

Sorry I meant a FXS gateway not FBX… really bad typo there. We are switching from a “traditional” phone line to hopefully something more cost effective.