Is DAHDI still required for Asterisk 1.6.1?

I found this post (which is over a year old now) from one of the Digium developers saying almost all DAHDI dependencies are removed as of Asterisk 1.6.1. He goes on to state that the work on removing the last remaining dependency (conferencing) has also been completed and is being tested. … iming-api/

That is the latest credible info I can find. Does anyone know where things stand with all this? When he made that post 1.6.1 was still in development but according to him it was working well in testing. Asterisk is now at I see that MeetMe does not compile without DAHDI so obviously that conferencing application still needs it.

I would interested to know more about 2 things specifically.

  1. If I do not use telco hardware or MeetMe conferencing does Asterisk work reliably without DAHDI (ztdummy) installed? Specifically that would be IAX and MOH I would assume.

  2. What is the current status of using MeetMe or some alternative conferencing without DAHDI (ztdummy).

The plot thickens. Found this post which seems to indicated this new conferencing application will be in 1.6.2. Some good details on the whole timing source thing. … timing.txt