IS Asterisk right platfom for service like audioNow

We are planning to setup a service like Basically listener call a local # to listen to a radio streaming. Is Asterisk the right platform? and can we get a local # with unlimited channels? Wonder what rate DID providers would charge? appreciate any info.

The main issue will be getting performing rights permission for the re-broadcast content.

ITSPs have finite numbers of PSTN connections, so can never offer unlimited capacity. If you are expecting large numbers of simultaneous calls, you should discuss this with the ITSP using realistic, finite, projections of the traffic. They may need to buy extra capacity to support you and the may want to be sure that you (or your users) are going to be able to pay for that installation work.

They may have to limit your use to protect their other customers.

They may prefer that you co-site your servers with theirs, so that they are not wasting IP bandwidth.

You may find it cheaper to cut out the middleman and connect directly to the ISDN network.