Evil plan

Hi all,

firstly I am a “noob” on asterisks so forgive my mistakes,

I have an idea and would appreciate any info you guys can provide :smiley:

the scenario:
caller: one person (me)
is a phone number possible a PBX with 5-10 lines,
there is no automated answering system (when its answered you get a person on the other end, no playback etc).

my evil plan: :smiling_imp:
I want to use Asterisk to call my destination via SIP integration (skype, nooh etc. doesn’t really matter which one) simultaneously an fill all the pbx lines,
keep calling in the background so nobody gets through but me, :smiling_imp:

when somebody answers the phone on the other side I want the call to be transferred to me, my idea is to use some sort of sip client to stay connected to asterisk an get the call to as as soon as the destination answers.

to sum up:
which SIP provider can I use for this evil plan ?
how can I configure asterisk to fill the destination lines ?
how can I get the answered called directly to me so I can talk with the operator ?

thanks for any help in advance :smile:

Sounds like you’re going to need to find some evil people to help you implement that evil plan.

You’re trying to win radio contests?

well yes and no

I want to use my evil plan on a radio, but it is not to win,

they have a lag of 20 sec. between car/handheld radios and internet streaming,

I just want to annoy them for a day :smiling_imp:

Don’t do it. You may get yourself into serious trouble, depending on the country you live in. The telecoms police might not have a well-developed sense of humor, and the victims might sue you.