Sip-connect support for Asterisk

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I’m not very sure, but I think this post fits in here just fine :smile:

I was wondering if this feature is available in Asterisk and if so, what would be the configuration recommendations in ordder to impliment between two Asterisk boxes.

The Sip connect recommendation is described here:,com_d … temid,261/

and here:

But the basic feature I’m looking for i to register a “pilot” DID form PBX1 into PBX2, and then pass calls from another DIDs from PBX1 to PBX2 without having to authenticate theese “non-pilot” DIDs (without enabling the “allowguest” parameter in sip.conf).

Does anybody know if this is possible with asterisk?

I reached a post on the subject but I really didn’t understood if this feature is available or not ):

The post is a bit old so I’m not sure is this feature is already integrated with the software right now (I’m running “Connected to Asterisk” in one box (PBX1) and “Connected to Asterisk 11.6-cert4” (PBX2) ) or not.

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The developer seems not to have been prepared to meet the Asterisk coding standards and all progress seems to have stalled.

Thanx very much for the reply, david55!

So this means there is no support for sip-connect right now in asterisk, right?

Thanx again!

Being absolutely certain on questions like this tends to involve a lot of effort.