Is asterisk best with java or .net?

currently i m using asterisk with php…
n now i wanna use asterisk with java or .net
which ll be the best ?? any suggestion ???


[quote]Currently I’m using Asterisk with PHP,
but now I would like to use Asterisk with Java or .NET;
which will be the best ? Any suggestions?
Both would be poor choices if you are already familiar with PHP, as PHP has far the biggest user base and is therefore you will find it much easier to get support. However, as I replied to your near duplicate posting, Java is more used than .NET.

“wanna” doesn’t appear in English dictionaries.

thank you Devid…
Devid is there any best substitute of Asterisk if i want to use java …

There is only one realistic substitute for Asterisk, and that is Freeswitch. That has a completely different programming model and I’ve no idea what languages it supports for CTI.

I believe there are Asterisk CTI class libraries for Java, but you will need to accept that you are much more likely to get support questions answered if you use PHP. … Apr13.html
David i think Free switch was no where used. Instead I found other Substitute. But Asterisk was best of all as per above link.