Ip phone off hook status // handset pickup

Hi all,

i need a simply way to know the handset status of an ip-phone.
in my lab i got a cisco SPA942 SIP and a Thomson 2030st SIP and asterisk
I neet a way to intercept off hook / handset pickup of the ip phone via manager.
In SPA942 via web interface i see the ip phone can manage handset status:


Line 4 Call 1 Status
Call State: Idle


Line 4 Call 1 Status
Call State: Dialing

but i cannot find a way to send this information to my asterisk sip server
(even with tcpdump i cannot see any packet when i pick up handset).
I try to google and find something usefull to adapt like blf ( maybe with blf / hint
i can see ip-phone status when i pick up handset ? ) or auto-dial on pick-up but none of these
can help me.

Any help ???


In the Dialplan, you can see this with the help of DEVICE_STATE(SIP/peer). But I am not sure that this is what you need.