Info on handheld pickup and close in sip logs


I am trying to find in the traces info if the handheld was picked up and then closed. In a case of a softphone if someone clicked the dial button and hangup button right away without pressing any digit or whatsoever.

Can this be seen in the traces?

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SIP phones aren’t like analog phones. Asterisk doesn’t know hookstate of a SIP phone - softphone or hardphone.

If someone hasn’t input any digits but presses the dial button on a softphone, I doubt the softphone would send any signaling to Asterisk. If, for some reason, it did, it’d send an INVITE. Then, if someone pressed a hangup button, likely that’d send a BYE.

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CANCEL, rather than BYE, although normally Asterisk would have aborted the call first with 404, and extension s not found in context.

Generally SIP phones do not initiate the call until you have fulfilled the conditions in the phone’s dialplan. Also, Asterisk is much easier to program when you are not sending DTMF in band to dial.

What is the real world problem you are trying to solve?

Yes, a CANCEL rather than a BYE, presuming that nothing on the other end answered.


I found in the trace that 404 happen quite often - every 3 minutes… Is there possibly other way to identify the on-hook and off-hook without making a call?

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Ask your phone vendor. The general answer is no.

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