Onhook/Offhook status

Hi all.

I am modifying an old TAPI system, but I have found several features hard to match with AMI.

First off, if I pick up my phone handset in the old system, a popup window appears. I want it to do the same with an asterisk PBX. I can’t see any extension onhook / offhook events in AMI; I can’t even determine onhook/ offhook status from ExtensionState. Either way, it returns 0, Idle.

What kind of phone are you using?

ILink SIP T-19P

How does your SIP phone provide on-hook / off-hook event status to Asterisk? I’ve not run across one that does.

Thanks, Malcolm

Much clearer, now, but a big disappointment. My mental model was of a phone that notifies the PABX that it is off hook, so the PABX can send the dialtone. To reproduce the system we are using now, VoIP would be better if it DID work that way. But it doesn’t so i can get on with the rest of my life.

Thanks again


No problem. Yeah, SIP phones don’t typically operate that way. If you find one that is, it’s operating in a non-standard way - on-hook & off-hook events aren’t part of the SIP protocol.