INVITE not seen in asterisk - 3gpp

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I’m trying to connect to a 3gpp provider, the issue I’m having is that I’m not seeing the INVITE hit the asterisk service at all. I’m accepting invites on the insecure=port, invite equivalent and my firewalls etc are all configure correctly, I see the traffic enter my environment but nothing happens in asterisk, I’ve enabled sip debug, and the debug log but nothing. Please advise if there’s possibly an issue with the INVITE being sent (below/attached screenshot from sngrep)

You need to post your SIP configuration and a complete SIP trace from within Asterisk. What you have shown is not sufficient to see what is going on.

Good day @EkFudrek ,

Thanks for the response, please see attached the SIP configuration. As mentioned I cannot provide a SIP trace from within asterisk, as even when SIP debug is enabled there is no output on the CLI whatsoever.

I eventually found the issue, I got the idea from Asterisk doesn't recognize INVITE - #5 by andersoncatao

There were security rules which were preventing the traffic from proceed down to the application in the system. The rules were set to log only rather than ACCEPT the traffic.

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