Incoming calls on sip trunk

having difficulty trying to get asterisk 1.8 to accept incoming sip calls from my sip provider. Outbound calls work fine. The port is forwarded correctly in the router and if I watch wireshark during an inbound call the asterisk machine always rejects the call with ‘401 unauthorised’. I’ve set up an incoming call rule to an extension number but it doesn’t work. I’ve also watched a debug scroll but that doesn’t show me why asterisk rejects the call. The main problem is I can’t find any straightforward steps anywhere on google that shows how to configure this in the asterisk-gui v 1.8. Most pages are from years ago with outdated info. Thanks if anyone can help.

You are asking for them to provide a password and they are not. It would be unusual for them to do so. insecure=invite turns off the check for a password on incoming INVITEs that match the sip.conf section in question.

thank for your feedback david and what you say makes sense - however where would I go in the asterisk gui to set ‘insecure=invite’? or if it’s supposed to go into a file, which file is that?

Ask on the appropriate forum for the GUI. It goes in sip.conf, in the section for the provider.

(I believe some GUIs generate two sip.conf sections, one with, and one without a password, in which case, you may have the wrong IP address configured for the provider.)

ok thanks and I’ll take this thread over to asterisk-gui