Invalid extension can raise any issue

pbx.c:6646 __ast_pbx_run: Channel ‘SIP/TP02238-000014ec’ sent to invalid extension but no invalid handler: context,exten,priority=termob,s-BUSY,1

can this make any negative impact on calling

As you dont have an invalid hadler ,It will dropps call who are sent to invalid extension on context termob

Actually after dialing the number I send it to DIALSTATUS through below code
exten => _99XXXXXXXXXX,n(open),Goto(s-${DIALSTATUS},1)

I have written code for CONGESTION & CHANUNAVAIL if I dont write the code for BUSY & NOANSWER will it make something like number of channels would be increasing and will do any misbehave with asterisk

or simply the call would get disconnected but nothing wrong will happen with asterisk or system

call will be disconnected as you dont have any handler for the i extension

Hi can you also help me with log files or any tutorial from where I can read which are the important log files…what kind of information i can get from which log file

logs files are located by default on folder /var/log/asterisk, and the information you can get, it is all the logging information previously set up through /etc/asterisk/logger.conf, in order you be able to interprate the logs message I suggest you start reading

sure will start reading this…can you also help me with call management failover like if my ServerA reach concurrent call count @ 240 then further calls need come on ServerA then will be dialed from ServerB

how can i implement this code

@asteriskpath this is a community support forum, in order to get support you need to post your issues and what you have done so far, as well Asterisk version and any other relevant log file.

I dont think you will find somebody here ,willing to write codes for all your personal issues. At least not for free

You dont even enough where are the Asterisk log files located , and you are asking for call failover betwen servers,

Many people want to learn Asterisk, or accepts jobs where Asterisk it is involved,and they think they can handling all by posting every single question on the forum.Things doenst work like this .

agreed sorry…I will study the docs and will ask only valid questions/issues here…will keep in mind