Need help with 'Invalid Extension' errors

Hey everyone,

I read through as many posts as I could before my eyes wanted to explode and I didn’t find anyone who seemed to have this issue.

We are running asterisk 1.4 r53601. We have a ton of custom config files, so I won’t post them unless it is 100% crucial. We have a call center of about 50 people, all using polycom sip phones.

Our issue, is that at random times during the day or night, clients will call into our toll free directory number and attempt to dial an extension. They have to press 1 then the extension, and some times when they do so, they get a recording saying ‘Invalid Extension’.

Myself and other IT staff members have yet to experience this issue, and since these calls come in after hours I don’t see it in the CLI. This issue has just started recently and we have not changed anything major. We have only added users, as we have done in the past with no issues.

If anyone can help with this, I would be very appreciative. Any direction at all would be a great help. Thank you in advance!