Interrupt Periodic Announce

The problem happens when a caller is in a queue and asterisk play the periodic announce while an operator hangup another call, then another caller with less time in queue can connect with the operator.

Is it possible Interrupt the Periodic Announce? when operator hangup another call and caller is next… :question:

Or avoid play the periodic announce when caller is next on queue?

Someone told me that it’s not possible interrupt the periodic announce when a agent queue get free. I think it is a bug …

According to the information at under the Understanding announcements heading.

[quote]Note that calls are not offered to queue members whilst the announcement is playing and it is possible for callers to slip ahead in the queue as a result. For example, call 1 arrives and is queued. Call 2 arrives ten seconds later and is queued. After twenty seconds, call 1 is played the periodic announce message. Exactly one second after call 1 starts hearing the message an agent becomes free. Since call 1 is tied up with announcements, call 2 is successfully offered to the agent. Call 1 remains on hold and yet a call which arrived later has been serviced.