Internet Radio - Audio Queue

Hello all, I have been experimenting with using Asterisk as a broadcasting platform for a financial audio “Hotline” we want to setup at work. The concept is this:

  • Contributors dial phone number
  • Enter broadcast code
  • Beep begin their broadcast

I have everything above in place now… what I need to figure out is how to Queue the audio. Ie: It will BEEP if the line is open, however, if someone is already broadcasting it should say Delayed and the user can then begin speaking but their broadcast won’t go out until the previous user is complete and the line is clear.

Is this possible? I haven’t experimented with linking up to Ices yet but I believe that is the next step. Are conferencing and .call files somewhere in the solution? Thank you.

for the hotline, you may need to have an AGI script to manage the flow of operations (i.e. playing sounds).

As per the call queuing, I am looking for same thing!

Yah and by queuing I mean a queue that is transparent to the user… Ie. they don’t have to wait on the line before beginning their broadcast, instead they will be able to begin talking immediately and have the system queue them up behind the current broadcast.