Internet Broadcasting Idea, possible with Asterisk?

Basically, i’d like to have a way for multiple people to call in, be put on hold via VoIP. Minimal VoIP actual #'s would be nice, tho 2-10 are feasible.

What I’d like is to duplicate the standard radio station:

  1. Callers call in
  2. Screen Callers
  3. Put Good Callers On Hold for Broadcaster to pick up line and Talk

I know you can put people on hold in a queue/stack, but how are they retrieved?

It won’t be a one person job. It will take a second person who goes through the pbx, connects answers, screens, and puts them on hold through their PC or via number pad tones.

I have never used Asterisk before, but I have been reading through the forums quite a bit, maybe i’m not searching for the right terms, but the only internet radio things that come up are Ham radio transmissions and streaming music as hold music :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m trying to figure out what all I need, so I can write up a report and costs so I can start saving or get my radio station to help out :smiley: :smiley:

It is possible with 2 queues. The caller would call in and go into the screening queue, after they are screened the screener would transfer them to the post-screened queue.