Internal Phone Used for Internal Calling


Could someone please help me figure out how to setup a phone to do several things including only internal calls and failover to other groups if the dialed extension does not answer? What I need is to be able to dial and extension and have it ring for 15-20 seconds. Then, if the original extension does not pick up to spill over to two other groups that I already have specified plus the original extension. I am confused how to set it up as an outgoing setting.

Thank you

This is impossible to say without knowing your current configuration. At the very least you’ll need to post your internal phone’s context from extensions.conf, as well as the definition of your call group. I will say that if you want to work this out yourself, you’ll need to look at your contexts and Dial/Queue commands.

If I were setting this up from scratch, I’d start with an [internal-only] context. I’d define a macro that dials the dialed extension, then dials the two groups + the dialed extension. Then I’d put that in my [internal-only] context with an appropriate pattern match.