Self context in dial plan?


In order to get better performance out of my asterisk, I just finished moving my agi scripts into the dialplan. Trouble is, I would like to call the extension self.

For example, I could have

exten => 1234,1,dial (Local/12345@SELF-CONTEXT)

include => shared

If dialed from 1234@internal, it would call 12345@internal. Or if I dialed 1234@shared it would dial 12345@shared.

Is this possible?

SEcond question,

how much stacking can I do before asterisk flips out? For example, if I called a extension that dials a local extension that dials a local extension …

How far can I go before I have performance issues or asterisk cuts out?



After some research, I realized that I was using Dial when I should have been using Goto. I changed them all to Goto and it resolved my issue.