Intermittent problem with Cepstral Swift voices

I’m trying to set up Asterisk on a 64-bit Linux box, using Cepstral Swift 4.2.0 for voice prompts.

The voice prompts intermittently don’t work - either there is no sound at all, or it talks normally for a while then goes silent, or the speech is choppy. If the prompt is repeated, it usually works fine.

The Asterisk console appears to think that the commands are running normally. I see messages like this, and they are the same whether the voice prompt works properly or not:

[quote]-- Executing [005@shv_bu_pin:1] Set(“IAX2/colotest-4”, “bupin=005”) in new stack
– Executing [005@shv_bu_pin:2] Swift(“IAX2/colotest-4”, “Checking site with pin number 005”) in new stack
– Executing [005@shv_bu_pin:3] AGI(“IAX2/colotest-4”, “shv_pin.agi|005”) in new stack

I’m using Swift both directly in the call plan, eg:

and from AGI scripts, eg:

TMP=/tmp/asterisk_`date +%s` /opt/swift/bin/swift -o "$TMP.wav" -p audio/channels=1,audio/sampling-rate=8000 " $TEXT " echo "exec playback $TMP" read stream rm $TMP.wav

Sometimes I get a notice appearing in the Asterisk console immediately after a voice prompt, eg:

[quote]-- Executing [222@shv_bu_pin:4] Swift(“IAX2/colotest-3”, “To report a fault press 1To return to the main menu press 0”) in new stack
[Nov 8 13:56:31] NOTICE[20070]: chan_iax2.c:3229 iax2_read: I should never be called!

There doesn’t seem to be any difference between calling Swift from the call plan or an AGI script - they both seem to be equally troublesome, and it appears to be entirely random whether the voice prompts work properly or not. I haven’t been able to reliably reproduce this problem, but it happens fairly often.

Can anyone suggest a solution, or debugging ideas?



I am setting up a new server, 1.4.12, and I am having the same issue with Festival. I am using festival to fill in the names that I do not have proper voice prompts for yet, going back and forth between BackGround and Festival.

I have them set up so it will loop on greeting three times and the first time through the festival parts are choppy and the begining of the names are cut off, and I get that same “iax2_read: I should never be called!” error.

The second time through the festival part of the prompts sound much better, but the “iax2_read: I should never be called!” error is still coming up.

I have a sneeking suspision that if I switched it all over to playback, the error might go away.

I was trying to make it so you stand a chance of being able to bail out of the rather long greeting.

I will report back if I figure this out before we get our real canned prompts recorded.