Has anybody gotten Cepstral to work with Asterisk?

I’ve recompiled Asterisk v1.2 with the app_cepstral addon, but the new application/command Cepstral() doesn’t seem to do anything. The debug log says it can’t find a default voice.

I’d be more than happy to post a full debug log if anybody can help me out, but I’m also wondering if anybody else has gotten it to work.


i know it’s a bone question, but did you install cepstral and a voice ??

Yeah, it’s all installed. I can run “swift” (the program that Cepstral gives you to run from the command-line) to generate .wave files and it works great.

Also, app_cepstral add’s new commands to the Asterisk CLI such as “show ceptral voices”, and that works for me. It shows me all of my installed voices and it knows which ones are registered and which one’s are not.

So everything does appear to be installed (and working seperately from the command-line). I just can’t get it to integrate with Asterisk :frowning:

how us your dialplan entries that use cepstral.

while the kids are in the bath, i downloaded Millie and recompiled asterisk. extension.conf now has exten => 465,1,Cepstral("Hello Tony") exten => 465,2,Hangup()

and despite the non-licenced warning at the start, it plays perfectly.
how far do you get ?

I don’t have access to my dial plan right now, but it’s something very basic just like you listed.

However, for me the Cepstral() command doesn’t do anything.

For example:

exten => 465,1,Cepstral(“Hello there.”)
exten => 465,2,Hangup()

If I dial extension 465 it will immediately hangup (because Cepstral returns immediately […and the debug log says some kind of error about not finding a default voice])

Where did you download the app_cepstral plugin? Was it from automated.it/asterisk?

It compiled fine (except I had to add #include <stdio.h> or something like that), and like I said the Asterisk CLI Cepstral commands (eg. “show ceptral voices”) works great, it’s just that when I use the Cepstral() command in a dial plan that it doesn’t work at all…

no, i googled for “app_cepstral” and used the first result … oldskoolphreak.com/tfiles/vo … pstral.txt

then downloaded the voice i wanted, ran install.sh, modifed /etc/ld.so.conf as instructed by the installer, then ldconfig as root, then made the changes to the Makefile and recompiled.

I’ve seen that too, but it says this:

[quote]Download the app_cepstral tar.gz file from
automated.it/asterisk/ and untar it.[/quote]

Didn’t you have to download that to recompile?

yes, sorry, i took that as a given.