Question on Cepstral Swift error in Asterisk

Hi there,

I have a strange problem using Cepstral’s “swift” command in my extensions.conf for Asterisk 1.4 .

This line below :

(Call gets answered)

exten => s,n,System(swift -o /tmp/greeting.wav -p audio/channels=1,audio/sampling-rate=8000 “Welcome”)

will yield an error as observed on the Asterisk CLI :

System(“SIP/”, "swift -o /tmp/greeting.wav -p audio/channels=1,audio/sampling-rate=8000 “Welcome” ") in new stack

WARNING[3524]: app_system.c:107 system_exec_helper: Unable to execute 'swift -o /tmp/greeting.wav -p audio/channels=1,audio/sampling-rate=8000 “Welcome” ’

But when I execute the same exact command with the same parameters on the command line, it works fine, and the greeting.wav file is generated.

I have no idea why the System() command failed, is there a way to get more debug messages?


Just a thought try escaping the quotes around the “Welcome”.

Code below, not tested

exten => s,n,System(swift -o /tmp/greeting.wav -p audio/channels=1,audio/sampling-rate=8000 \"Welcome\")