Interconnection problem (asterisk and an analog PBX)

Another question please.

At the FXO port of a pci card i have connected an extension of an old analog PBX.

I want the asterisk using this extension connected (of the old pbx) to call another extension at the same old pbx and when someone answers the phone to play a voice (wav) message

The programmer said that the old pbx doesn’t send information if the person did answered the phone or not.

He said that he gets an immediate signalling of “Call answered” from the analog PBX.There is interoperability problem.

Is there any hope to fix this? (The asterisk to detect if the other person did answered the phone)? And how much will it cost to me please ? My budget is a little very low please (50,00 euros) because
i have already paid a lot

Another question also please

Is it possible to have the functionality of the IVR without hearing the voice message?
for example lets say our pstn line is the number  10000
If someone from outside calls the number 10000[b]1[/b] to be transferred to the extension 1 for example?

if it is possible send me a message please how much it will cost me

Providing answer supervision is something that would have to be done on the old PABX. However, whilst this would be normal on an analogue trunk, I can think of no reason why it would be provided on a an extension; if you want the function of a trunk, you should use a trunk.

Depending on the details to the application, you may be able to use silence detection, or similar applications, to guess when the call has been answered.

As I was the programmer in this case :smiley:

The problem with the Trunk-Connection (Asterisk FXS to oldPBX FXO) was, that the old PBX has no call distribution mechanism thus it’s impossible to address a specific extension on the oldPBX while it’s possible to address using an Asterisk FXO to oldPBX FXS connection with the problem, that the oldPBX immediately signals Answer.
To be honest: I don’t know any way how to fix the problem in this case where neither call distribution to the configured extensions over a trunk nor answer supervision over an extension interconnection will work.

As I already told You: A Direct Inward Dialing would not be possible as Your telco connects the calls to You as soon as all relevant digits (10 in Your case of the greek dialplan according to ITU) are received.
Any further digits may only be transfered by DTMF. Of course it’s absolutely possible to supress any IVR-functionality (voiceprompts a.s.o.) in this case but: How should the caller know, that You want him to enter any digits fpr direct addressing any extension ? And additionally: You will run into the problem, that the extension could not be addressed directly by the Asterisk, there will be exact the same problem as for Your room-call-solution in oart 1 of Your question.

Thank you a lot abw1oim for your continuous support and help :smile:
So the next step is to do what you told me and put voip phones
We will be in contact

Asterisk has to be specifically configured to detect answer on FXO lines. Most/all PABXes won’t generate it, so that configuration would result in no calls being answered, It seems more likely that Asterisk is faking the answer than the PABX.

By trunk, I meant tie trunk. I’m not aware that Asterisk supports them at all on analogue lines. Typically, in the UK, they used to be four wire.