The announcement playback before callee answer the phone!

I have a fxo gateway and connected to pstn. i use it in my asterisk to routes calls to pstn. i have a issue when i want call to pstn. when i route call to fxo gateway, before peer-end (callee) answer the phone, my phone is connected. This issue was more importance when the system (asterisk) want call to some numbers and playback announcement. but before the callee answer the phone, the system (asterisk) played announcement.
I could understand what is problem but how can i solve it?
Thanks.With Regards.Mespio

The problem is that analog lines dont have answer supervision, in some especial cases you can ask the provider but is easier buy a digital line(SIP or ISDN).

The call is bridged to the caller, before the call is answer by the remote party. I think this issue may be your FXO Gateway.

I guess this problem would be from fxo gateway, but may it is solved? or not?
Thnaks dear navaismo and dear ambiorixg12

What’s your gateway model

more info:

I’m sorry , i dont know that device and i can’t understand the website language either.