Intel Codec capacity

Hi All,

What will be the g729 and g723 codec capacity from Intel IPP liberary without License?

How many cuncurent calls can be passed without License?

I did not hear before about limits of concurrent calls in that version.

The only limit should be that you cannot not use these codecs for commercial purposes.

Yah sure i cannot use for comercial purpose. actually i was doing some application for asterisk so i wanted to be sure is there any limit for IPP codecs.

When i will be satisfied that my asterisk is stable and able for production then ofcourse i will do the license.

In the ipplic.htm file, under /opt/intel/ipp41/ia32_itanium directory (this is my pathname). you should be able to find more explanation about licenses and limitations.

I don’t see concurrent limitations, but please check much better.