How many concurrent G729 calls on Pentium 4 @ 2.8, aprox.?

I want to know if I can manage to run an asterisk instalation with initially 12 concurrent G729 calls and in the future maybe 24 on a Pentium 4 @ 2.8Ghz with aprox. 994 Mb of RAM.

As I have read in the main page the codec will take extra resources of the processor and also the lincense are tied to the server so, if I understand well, If I need to make an upgrade to the server to accomodate more concurent calls my licenses will be lost… So I want to know if this processor will be enough.

Another thing is let’s say a NIC gets damaged on the server, will this also ruin my G729 codec licenses rights?

Thanks a lot in advance!

If you are not going to use transcoding (all call legs will use g729), then your server should be fine. You also do not need a g729 licence for that.

If you will use transcoding (e.g. one call leg will use g729, the second call leg will use g711, Asterisk needs to transcode between the two codecs), your server will have a lot more work on it’s hands. But it still should work with the call load you need.

I am not too sure about the licenses, but I think you can switch hardware 2 or 3 times and can re-activate the license on the new hardware. So you have some breathing room here.

Thanks a lot for your thought on the matter, I’ll install them around this week and report here back the performance.